Want to hate on my heroines? Go for it! :)

So, I'm not a blogger, usually. Maybe it's because I don't have a lot to say. Or if I do, I quietly keep to myself because there's not point in stirring up any attention toward myself because let's face it, I like to stay off the the radar. But when I woke up this morning, I had these thoughts in my head (which is typically not a new thing for me due to the fact that my brain is always rambling. Such is the life of an author, I suppose.) But today, because I was feeling brave, I decided to blog about my rambles.

I've been writing for almost four years now. I love it. (Like all writers say I'm sure) But for me, it's an escape, and a way to channel my inner thoughts. I love to write push the boundaries YA. I also like to write angst. I like my characters to suffer and I like to push them to all the limits imaginable. I write flawed characters. Chubby sexy girls, scared teenage girls who, yes, whine and cry...but not because they are bad. More so they are real. (Here I go, rambling, totally off the subject because that's what I am known for) 

Anyway.... My upcoming fall release is about a girl whose been pushed to the limits emotional wise. She's a runner, can't stand to be tied down to her past, but doesn't know what she wants for her future either. (Callie has this love/hate relationship with shoes. Hates them, but uses the hell out of them to get away when she has to.) I love the girl, like she's my kid or possibly even my kindred spirit as an eighteen year old. Not that I hated my life at all back then, but because I just didn't know what I wanted at that point. Now, Callie has a fowl mouth. She cusses, a lot. She avoids things, she doesn't stand up for herself and at times, she annoyed me when I wrote this book. But I loved her for being so freaking real. 

Lately there's been an abundance of people angry about girls and the way they act in books. Hating how they're not 'strong enough', or 'they whine' a crap ton too. One person made me laugh on a review for a book of mine because she wanted to, and I quote, "bitch slap one of my naive, virgin heroines." I think I giggled about that one for days! Why? Because truth be told, I wanted to do the very same thing to that character too! It doesn't bother me that people dislike my characters. Like, at all. I mean, sure everyone wants people to their characters, but it's not going to happen. For real. In fact, hate on them all you want, because to me, that means you're somehow invested in my story enough to feel an emotion toward them, so yay to that! 

Not everyone is likable, in the fictional world, and the real world.

Okay, see? I'm a terrible blogger. Just felt like spilling my guts this morning. It was a bunch of rambles though, so...yeah. Heck, I'll give you a picture of my hero for at least stopping by. His name is Ky.   Ain't he pretty!