Unlikable heroines are GONNA be my thing. ♥

Good Sunday morning to you all! 

I'm in a MUCH better place than I was this time last week, for sure. My confidence--albeit not perfect--is back to a point where I can honestly say to myself "hey, you got this, girl, no worries." And that alone is a win in itself for someone like me. =)

On the writerly front...

After a two week long, emotional dry spell when it came to my WIP, I can proudly say I've found my groove again. (And MAN does it feel fabulous.) 

It's not like I hadn't been writing at all. If anything, I'd been knocking the word count out of the ballpark for the second book in my YA series. (See my Pinterest board here for book one.) I am wholeheartedly in love and invested in these characters and their story, but they just weren't saying anything meaningful to me, so everything I was writing was like, "blah, blah, blah, this book is boring as hell. Dull. Lifeless and will probably require a major rewrite when I finish it." Not wanting to screw these two poor kiddos over, I decided it was best to just step away from them for a little while. 

And that's exactly what I did. 

it was Wednesday night, 9:30 to be exact. I was watching some random basketball game with the hubby and was on the fence about either going to sleep or reading a book. But just when I decided that my brain was not in a reading mood, and that my heavy eyes were winning out, this little voice started talking to me. The thing of it was, this little voice was not very little after all. She was fierce. And defiant. A little bit on the naughty side when it comes to her, um, tastes in men, too. She wasn't the girl next door, or the Katniss heroine we all want to root for either. She was a nasty B who would seriously not shut up.

So I did what I always do when a new story hits me: I forewent sleep, grabbed my laptop, and began to write. And after just an hour with her (Caylee) I was 3k words in. And then another hour later, 6k in. But then I totally fell asleep at the kitchen table, with my chin in my chest, and my hands over the keyboard... 

(Tell me this is normal, right?)

But then the next day, while my girls were at school and my niece was happily invested in Baby First TV, (don't judge, it was only for a half hour) I decided to bring Caylee back out for a half hour or so, just to see if she was worthy to be written. That's also the exact moment when I realized how horrible and unlikable she was. 

Frustrated with myself, I turned to my niece and said, "Kyndel, Auntie Heather sucks." Her answer was for us to sing this song, over and over and then giggle until my dog thought I was dying. (True story)