Super exciting news!


This, right here, is my VERY first blog post as an author!!! *cues crazy kids above*

I'm beyond excited to finally take the personal blogging venture. And even more excited that my first post comes with such awesome news too. 

If you follow me on FB or Twitter, then you probably already know that just recently I signed a killer, awesome deal with an amazing, up and coming publishing house entitled  Swoon Romance.

To say that I was a wee bit excited would be a total understatement. I do believe my action consisted of running around the house in my jammies on a Sunday afternoon, only to land on my pillow and scream into my sheets with glee. 

Now, you might just be wondering how this all went down, huh? Or too, you might just be thinking to yourself, 'oh, well that doesn't sound all that amazing. Heather always has some sort of random  author/writer story to pass the time with, so why should I care now?

Well,  I'll be the first to say that this time, things are a bit different. And I'm going to tell you why...

After completing A Long Time Coming, I decided I wanted to continue on with my New Adult writing adventure. I love me some sexy times, and if I do say so myself, I'm not so bad at them. (I'm not expert, by any means,  but hey,  don't knock the beginner...) Any who, as I was saying, I kept up with my NA route,  only to be bombarded by a story in my head that wouldn't quit. We're talking the story that would never end!! This baby kept me up all night. Kept me from doing house work. Kept me from functioning, and kept my kids living on mac and cheese for six weeks straight.  (well, okay, not ALL the time, but you get the drift)

This is the story of Callie, my chubby-sexy heroine who has a serious love/hate relationship with her running shoes. In a journey of finding herself, Callie falls for Ky, her ex-best friend turned sex-god neighbor boy turned man that still lived across the street from her parent's house .  That's all I'll give you for now, just know that this story is unlike any one that I've ever  written before, and we'll leave it like that.

So, with a finished, decently polished manuscript in hand entitled  Finding Her Way Back I said to myself 'do something with it'. Something different. That's when I went on my very first book agent hunt.  And oh what an exciting adventure that was.

I did Twitter pitches, contests and even had some partial requests. All the while long I was stalking  Swoon Romance, wondering...should I...or shouldn't I? Then my choice was taken out of my hands when the publisher herself from Swoon Romance  saw my pitch during adpit and requested I send the full manuscript to her to read!  

Well, cripes...this was surely a heart break in the making, I had thought to myself. But alas, I sent it anyways. All the while asking why I tortured myself! I mean, some of my own personal Idol authors are published through there. Tons of the authors from there also have agents too. Would I be good enough? Would my story rock their world like it totally rocked mine?  It just wasn't possible for me to think this would amount to anything because believe me when I say I haven't had the best luck in this publishing field. Hence my negativity :)

But enough about that.

6 weeks, give or take a few days, later I received an email. On a Sunday. From Georgia at Swoon Romance. I didn't open it at first. In fact, I almost deleted it because I said I just wasn't in the mood for the heartbreak of a rejection. But decided it was best to just get it out of the way. No point in prolonging my fear. 

But  imagine my surprise when there was an offer for me. One that said she enjoyed my story, and wanted me to become part of the Swoon Romance family.  Cue the ugly tears...

You'd think I was dying tears. This was my most favorite publisher, and here  they were, wanting MY BOOK!!! Ahhh!!!!

Okay, so  that's  my story. But my main point of this little post was to say that no matter  what happens in life, no matter how much disappointment you face, or fears  you  must overcome in life, to go big or to go home is the way to  go. Don't  sell your self short like I did. Don't let your fear take over your expectations  either. And most of all, don't listen to the voice in  your head that says 'you  suck' because don't. =)