Rewrites, awesome opportunities, and fabulous books.

I officially broke my Sunday blogging rule. I mean, really, three weeks of not listening to me ramble? How dare I do that to all my blog readers. *insert sarcastic laughter here* Anyway, I'm back at it, ready to chatter about everything and anything that deems of importance to my mind.

On the writerly front:

It's been one heck of crazy few weeks for me. I had to rewrite yet another book, and ya know what? I am sooo glad I did. I knew this book wasn't right from the beginning, and although I loved the premise, I realized not everyone was going to appreciate the hideousness that was my heroine. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love a good evil heroine once in a while (even claimed to rock out those unlikable heroines once upon a blog post ago) but the problem with this girl? She had absolutely NOTHING to make her redeemable, and for that I had to step back away from that WIP for a while before I realized how much I didn't like that girl either. Yes, it's awesome to channel your inner bad girl, believe you me, but what I fast discovered was that with the bad, I had to give her a little good while I was at it. 

Hence why I rewrote an 80,000 work book in a week and a half.

Not every writer follows the same writerly path. Some write 1000 words a week, some write 10k a week. Hell, some write 10k a day. But for me, when the words are on, they are ON, and the fact that I did do that rewrite in the span of time I did doesn't make me superwoman and doesn't necessarily make the entire novel crap, either. BUT when the bones are there for the book, and you've been told the premise is good as well, then it's not so hard to rewrite a story after all. (Especially one with all the feels like this bookie had.) In a way, I guess you could say I rewrote my characters more so than anything. (Even my hero. And OH MY GOD I was blushing with this one guys. Like. PHEW! All my non-romance-writerly friends are going to read this and think: "HEATHER!!!! WHAT THE HECK IS WITH ALL THIS SMOOCHING...AND THEN SOME???? *gasp* *Giggles*  

And, if you'd like to take a gander at my PINTEREST inspiration board for this one, do check it out. But here's a little Ed Sheeran to give you a feel for the story in general. And when Ed gets involved, you know it's gonna be a heavy book. (Still, I don't write anything but heavy books, so there's that.)