Monday Motivation.

It's that time of year again: PitchWars time. If you're a writer and on Twitter, then you more than likely know what this contest, hosted by the fabulous Brenda Drake, is all about.

Writers stressing and picking out the perfect mentor they'd like to work with from a talented group of agented and/or published authors.


Subbing your query and pages to those mentors in hopes that they request fifty more pages, or possibly even the full.

Stalking that hashtag.

Wondering (FREAKING OUT)  if a particular mentor is talking about your book, sometimes hoping they aren't at the same time.

Eating ALL the junk food.

Venting to your significant other and then seeing the confused looks on their face when you try to explain this crazy writerly world you're living in.

And then last, but certainly not least, staying up until midnight to find out if you've been lucky enough to be chosen.

I've been there, felt and done these exact same things--two years in a row, as a matter of fact. And you know what happened?

I didn't get picked. Either year.

And damn did I cry.

Ugly tears, in fact.

My CP was chosen as an alternate last year and I was SO incredibly happy for her. But at the same time, I still managed to almost lose all hope for myself because--gosh dang it--I thought I sucked. Thought my writing was atrocious. Thought, what's the point? If these authors didn't like it, than what agent would?   

But then something happened. And two out of the four mentors emailed me with feedback. And you know what they said? "You. Don't. Need. Me." That's right, they said my pages were already good enough, and that I was ready to submit to agents on my own and that I didn't need their help. (Talk about bittersweet.) 

Then I thought to myself...okay: MAYBE I'm not so sucky after all. 

So that little bit of encouragement got me back in the saddle, and I did my querying thing. And then, six weeks later, when everyone was getting ready to have the agent round for PitchWars, I was in the background, secretly signing with one of the best agents in the biz.

And holy crap. Guess what happened? 

SHE loved my book.

And I believed her. 

What I'm getting at here is if you decide to enter PitchWars, or already did enter, then don't think this is your only option, because it's not. My GOD, it's so far from your only option, that it's not even funny. What PitchWars did manage to do for me though, was give me the chance to get to know some amazing ladies, a lot of those who didn't get picked either. Writer friends make it all worth it. (You ladies know who you are, by the way) 

So, bottom line is: .Do I recommend participating in PW even after experiencing the heartbreak I did? Yup. Absolutely. Because, for real, there is no such thing as a victory if you don't try to obtain one in the end.

Get what I mean?

I sure as heck hope so.