Lucky seven post

My fellow Swoon Romance sister and friend C.J Burright tagged me in the Lucky seven snippet. I've never done one of these before, so I'm kinda pumped! And of freaking course I had to throw in a GIF or two because...well, I like them. And to me, you can never see enough GIFS. 


Go to page 7 or 77 in your current WIP.

Go to line 7

Post on your blog the next 7 sentence or 7 lines—as they are!

Tag 7 people and do the same

So, without further's mine. This is from my recently completed new adult book, The Imperfect Try and this is Collin's (my hero) trying to be nice after he was a real pain in the...well, you get catch my drift. 

Resolved with the fact that he needed to apologize, he jumped up to follow her. 

“Wait.” He cleared his throat, pulling her back around by the shoulder. 

She stiffened under his touch but didn’t move away. 

“Look, can we, I don’t know, start over or something? I mean, I know I was an ass this afternoon, but I wanna get to know you…” Touch you. 

Oh hell. Where’d that shit come from?

“I…” Slowly, she lifted her chin, her lip pulled between her teeth as she met his gaze.

That’s when he saw it—the marring of her beautiful face. What the hell? “What the fuck happened to your eye?” 

And because you were so sweet to stop by, here's a little Thom Evan's eye candy for you. (Professional rugby player turned model and the character inspiration for my Collin)  You're welcome.

Now for the few lucky ladies I get to pick on... I mean, pick.

Karen Bynum

Angela McPherson

Katrina Emmel

Rebekah Purdy

Ladies, take it away!