Cover Reveal: She Laughs in Pink by Jessica Calla

Today I get to help reveal the amazing cover for She Laughs in Pink by my amazing friend, Jessica Calla.

Last year when I was interning, I participated in a Twitter pitch party to try and find some gems for BookFish Books. Since I have a certifiable obsession with NA romance, I was immediately drawn to this pitch. Once I began reading the sample, I realized I'd read the first pages for a contest I judged not too long before that. I was so excited because I knew right away I wanted to read this book from those few pages alone. Flash forward a couple of months and BAM. Here I am, the content editor for it.

From beginning to end, this book took me on a crazy journey that not only broke my heart, but made me weep with joy. Chase and Juliet are two of my most favorite new adult characters ever and I am more than excited to see this book through to this point. I adore it...and Jess too, of course.

Now. Let's get to the goods, shall we?

Title: She Laughs in Pink (Sheridan Hall Series)


Four years after her twin is murdered, Juliet Anderson still struggles with guilt, her parents, and her relationships. Two things keep her from falling into a deep, dark place—dancing and her best friend, Ben. So when Ben decides to play football for New Jersey University, Juliet doesn’t hesitate. She follows. Finally away from her past, there is nothing to stand in the way. Juliet will win Ben's heart. 

Then she meets Ben's roommate, Chase.

On probation and hell-bent on adhering to a “new life plan,” aspiring artist Chase leaves his New York City home for New Jersey University and meets Juliet before even stepping foot on campus. For him, their connection is instant. She’s the most vibrant girl he's ever seen. Her colors explode on his canvas, and he's never been more inspired in his life.

Too bad she’s madly in love with his seemingly perfect, good guy roommate.

AND here is the STUNNING cover. *weeps with joy*


Author Bio:


Jessica Calla is a lawyer by day and a romance writer by night. Her favorite time is "bedtime," when she's free to open her laptop, battle with her blinking cursor, and pour out the contents of her heart. Jessica is a member of Romance Writers of America and is involved in the Contemporary, Young Adult, and New Jersey Chapters. She is also a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. She lives in central New Jersey with her husband, two sons, and a dog. Besides reading and writing, she enjoys movies, coffee, and chocolate. She considers herself addicted to Diet Coke and Netflix (in a good way).





Genre: NA contemporary romance

Release: May, 2016


He murmurs between kisses, “Juliet, you know I can’t resist you. I don’t want to be the bad guy.”

I nibble his jawline as the train pulls away, leaving us in the empty station. Already a new crowd is forming for the next train. “I needed to kiss you. Thought this would be a good place,” I mumble as I work my way down his neck.

He turns me around. My back hits the cold wall and I shiver. He holds my face as he studies me, his gaze falling on my lips as I catch my breath. “Should we be together, gorgeous?” he asks. “Could it be that simple?”