Deleted Finding Her Way Back scene (Ky's point of view)

So FHWB was originally a 97,000 word book, if you can believe that one. *Shudders*  I knew I had to change that along the way, and this was one of the scenes that had to go. Believe me, I adore my Ky, probably more than anyone on this planet. And that is exactly why I'm sharing his deleted scene now.

(Please note, this is not properly edited. Like, at all.) This is part of a deleted chapter where Ky and Callie went out to a lunch/dinner thing with Ky's dad. And, if you can't tell, it didn't go according to plans... 

 He wanted to kill him. Never had murderous thoughts about anybody in his life hit him like this before. But as he stood there, staring back over his shoulder at his douchebag of a father, Ky had to wonder if anyone would miss the bastard if he suddenly just disappeared off the face of the earth.

Christ almighty, sons weren’t supposed to feel this way about their fathers. What was wrong with him?

Didn’t matter. None of this mattered. At least not anymore. Getting by without the money would be doable. He’d make himself get by without anything from that man. Get an extra job, take on more shifts at the shop. Hell, things were already looking better as it was for his gramps and him. The last loan payment on the car had finally been forked over—granted it was trashed anyways, but still—that was one less bill needing paid.

The money he needed, the money his father never deserved to have in the first place, was stuck in the evil fuck’s hold; unattainable until the day Ky turned twenty–one. But it wasn’t for personal reasons he wanted it. No, not at all, actually. He needed it so he could finally pay back the Bennett family—prove his worth—make Cal’s parents see that he was good at settling debts; make them see that he was a man now, ready to be seen as more than just the loser boy next door with the skateboard, guitar, and long hair.

More importantly, Ky was ready to prove to them that he was a man deserving of their daughter’s love.

Yes, that’s why he was here. For Calla Lily. For the girl who held his heart in the palms of her hands for over four and a half years now.

Ever since that day on her porch, seeing her hovering over the ground with that cement dick in her hand, Ky knew that fate had brought her home for a reason. It was his time. Dammit, it was their time. And he wasn’t about to let her go now that he had her back in his life.

He knew all the crap she’d gone through still ate away at her. Hell, it still tore him up too. But they’d made that promise together almost a year ago—one where they’d told each other that no matter what, their friendship would never cease. For Brent. But, like he always knew she would, Cal broke that promise made in metaphorical blood—forgot about him to be more specific. Mainly because he tried to make her remember; tried to make her move on, and get over the pain. He’d done it, and damn did it feel good. But Brent and Tracy’s accident would never be something Cal could run from. Because she’d been there—seen it all go down—and was helpless to do anything about it but just stand by and watch.

Memories were supposed to be remembered though, weren’t they? That way you could move on, get your life in gear and make it better when the bad shit was all said and done. Memories to Ky were the stepping stones to getting you where you were meant to be. To happiness, contentment. That way you can take on the world and make life better again. And dammit, Calla Lily wasn’t about to get away from him now. She’s all he wanted—nothing mattered but making her finally realize that together, they were right.

Screw age; screw the fact that numbers seemed to define a person’s timeline in life. Ky had been through enough in life to know what he wanted. And he wanted a forever … with Calla Lily Hampton.

“Let’s go.” He grabbed her hand, yanking her toward the door, ready to lose himself in his bike, ready to have her legs wrapped around his waist—to feel her hot breath against his neck as they drove to his secret destination. It’d be the icing on his Calla Lily, motorcycle cupcake. Sweet, sexy, exhilarating Calla Lily. The girl was his perfection.

“No, I think you should stay. I’ll … just go call my mom or something.” Her big blue eyes gazed up at him in unease. Biting his tongue, Ky watched as she pushed her emotions away with one simple sentence.

“Hey.” They’d made it as far as the door before he pulled her close to his chest. Tucking her head under his chin, he wrapped his arms around her lower back. She was shaking now. “Don’t listen to my dad. He’s an ass—”

“No. It’s not your dad.” He jerked his head back to stare down at her, pushing her chin up with his finger. Her eyes were unfocused, and she barely seemed to be able to finish her words. “You need to go back in there.”

“Calla Lily, Jesus, I don’t want to go back in there.”

“Well, you should. You need to make things right with him.”

“Baby.” She stiffened at his word. Yeah, he had no clue where that came from. But if pet names got her attention, then he’d definitely have to get more creative next time. Shaking his head, he shifted his thoughts back to her words, the strain of her voice. “My dad is an ass wipe. He’s not even family to me anymore. Gramps is my family. You are my family.” Swallowing, he yanked her back to his chest, too embarrassed to see her expression at his ball–chopped confession. Once again, she relaxed in his embrace.

That’s right, she’d better get used to this. He was going all in here, embarrassment or not. Never would Ky step down from what he said, even if his dick was suddenly channeling a vagina. Blame it on all those girlie movies she used to make him watch in high school.

“I-I,” she stuttered, obviously flustered with what to say in return. He told her the truth though. She was family—his family, dammit. And he could only imagine what she’d do or say when he told her the next truth someday. The truth when he said how desperately in love with her he was.

“You what?”

“I just … I just wanna go home, okay?” Pulling back, she stared up at him again. Her face was pale, unemotional now. Damn. What else was going on in that head of hers? Too bad she was getting her way. 


Eyes widening, she gaped up at him, pulling out of his hold completely, snapping her hands against her thighs. He grinned and stuck his hands into his jean pockets. 

That’s right, Calla Lily, I’m in control now.

“Um, excuse me? Did you just tell me no?” A spark of humor, along with disbelief, shimmered behind her intense gaze.

“Yup.” Shrugging, Ky turned away, but not before pulling her along with him at his side. Surprisingly, she didn’t fight for control.

“You did not just tell me no and actually think I was going to listen to you?”

“I sure did, darlin’. Simple as that.”

“Um, yeah, I kind of heard you. But since when do I have to, you know, do what you say?” she stuttered, tripping over the cute little shoes adorning her tiny feet. He stopped walking, distracted by that purple dress she had on now, following the length up her body. Taking extra time to appreciate her generous full breasts that seemed to be wanting to come out to play with his gaze the longer he studied them. Damn. This wasn’t the time to eye hump her, but Cal had some serious curvage going on after being away for nine months at school.

“If you’re going to just up and walk away from your father, what’s the point of keeping with this charade between us?”

Shrugging, he ushered them to his bike once more, smiling as she stood there, arms crossed in all her stubborn, adorable glory. Yeah, so much for walking away from him—for not listening to what he had to say. Besides that, Ky knew this supposed charade between them was never going to be just a charade by the time he was done with her.

Staring down at her, Ky watched as her jaw twitched, a decision played out over her face. All he could envision was her—living with him, being his girl—his fiancé. The completion in his life that’d been missing for so fucking long now. And he’d be lying to say that he was in no way envisioning her naked chest pressed against his as he pushed himself inside of her. Nope, not lying at all. Because yeah, Callie was hot. And he wanted her. In all the ways that he could have her.


Was she talking to him? Was that curiosity in her soft voice, or fear? Either way he knew he looked like a dumbass.

“Ky, what is it?”

A warm hand encircled his upper arm, tucking under the sleeve of his jacked up, preppy boy shirt he’d been forced to wear to this place.

God her hands were soft. He wanted to kiss them, taking his time with her fingertips at first, before working his way down to her palms, her wrists, her arms … Fuck, he could imagine all the possibilities. Her body was his to figure out. Never again would it be explored by another man.

“Jesus, Ky, do you need some meds to focus here? I’ve lost you. Completely.” No. She hadn’t lost him. She’d never lose him. He was hers—always would be—and she hadn’t seen anything yet.

“Nope.” Finally, he broke his gaze, grinning as he slid onto the seat and started the engine. She hesitated a second before finally sitting too, her arms immediately tightening around his stomach. Christ, she felt amazing. Smelled even better. “Hang on tight, pumpkin,” he teased, foregoing the answer about the dating charade, too busy loving the groan in her voice at his name for her. “You’re in for one hell of a ride now.”

And he sure as hell wasn’t speaking on a literal bike front either.